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Chiropractor Louisville, CO

As a chiropractor in Louisville, Elite Chiropractic provides wellness for individuals as well as families.

Dr. Fry founded Elite Chiropractic in April of 2000. He chose Louisville because this is where he grew up and he loves the family-oriented lifestyle that the area has. Family is important to Dr. Fry and his team, so it is important for all of us to be surrounded by a community with the same values and opportunities.

We have two types of ideal patients. First, we seek to help the patients who are really struggling and have gone place after place, but have gotten no help. With our level of expertise and care, we get results with even the most challenging cases that many others have given up on. If it is a case traditional medicine has failed at, it is likely a case we specialize in!

The second type are those families who are already living healthy and active lives, but want even MORE! These are the families who are constantly seeking for ways to improve their health, their happiness and their vitality. We are also experts at getting people to live and function at 100% of their potential, rather than being satisfied with just 80 or 90 percent!


Dr. Fry 10-1:30 & 3-6:30


Dr. Nick 10-1:30 & 3-6:30

Dr. Fry - South Office


Dr. Fry 10-1:30 & 3-6:30


Dr. Nick 10-1:30 & 3-6:30


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